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One would be hard pressed to find a city with a richer history than Istanbul. Whether it was as Byzantium, Constantinople or in its present reincarnation as Istanbul, the metropolis on the Bosphorus has been on everyone’s lips for seemingly millennia. Walking along the streets of Turkey’s largest city, one can easily be swept away by the busy and bustling shops, the picturesque architecture or the enthralling charm of the people around. From famous sights such as the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque to the cosmopolitan center of the city and its high-fashion establishments, Istanbul has something to offer for all who come to visit and assures that the allure and magic of Istanbul will stick with its guests for life.

Being a proud sports city, Istanbul is host to some of Europe’s top sports powerhouses including 2 multi-sport giants who play in the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague (Fenerbahce Istanbul and Galatasaray Odeabank Istanbul). Of course, the city is no stranger when it comes hosting large sports events. The memorable 2005 UEFA Champions League Final was hosted at the Ataturk Olympic Stadiom, as well as the 2009 UEFA Cup Final. In more recent memory, this magnetic city hosted an unforgettable Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four in 2012, a duty it will proudly and passionately repeat in 2017 when the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four once again lands in Istanbul.

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2018 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four
18-20 May 2018
Belgrade, Serbia

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